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Who does not like some tasty food prepared by a hot wifey? What a stupid question – everyone loves it! Unfortunately, not all of us have a caring person to prepare such – but VR Bangers come to the rescue with their latest VR porn scene. These premium producers have asked a smoking-hot MILF VR porn star to pay you a visit and give you a tasty treat to welcome you to the neighborhood. You are about to try her world-famous sweet creampie – and even though this time we do not mean THAT creampie, you should still enjoy the sweet cake that the girl has prepared for you.

So… would you like to have a hot creampie with VR Bangers? And even though usually we do mean jizzing into a creamy pussy of one of these VR porn sluts, we do mean the other kind of cake this time – inside of VRB’s brand-new VR porn movie with Natasha Nice, you are first going to try her sweet creampie and then give her an even sweeter body cumshot to pay her back!Friendly Neighborhood Horny Mom is the producer’s latest MILF VR porn scene inside of which Natasha will become a housewife who is also your neighbor – and you have just moved into her neighborhood.

She heard that you are a lonely father and that your wife died, so she decided to visit you while bringing some cake. It turns out, though, that she has some other plans – single fathers like you have always made her extremely horny, so when it turns out that your son is not home, it seems to be like a perfect occasion for a quickie, while starting a great neighborhood romance for the future! Are you ready for her little visit and you will show her that indeed you can be a good “daddy”?

Inside of this VR porn movie with a girl with big tits you two will be able to have a whole lot of fun – that is a VR Bangers’ guarantee! Wear your VR goggles to join Natasha in up to 8K ultra-high-definition virtual reality here and now to have that tasty creampie that she made for you – and make one for her to thank her and to show that you too love to contribute to such a friendly neighborhood community! Perhaps she will keep coming back to you to “socialize” with you… and with your big dick, of course. But who would say “no” to such a juicy mommy? Definitely not us!

“It is time for you to meet VR Bangers’ friendly neighborhood,” says Ivan Harbakon, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “We have asked Natasha Nice (even her name fits this role pretty well) to welcome all of you with her tasty pie – and we are sure that this hot momma represented our company in the best possible way! Wear your VR goggles to find out that on your very own.”

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