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At Least They Don’t Kneel During the National Anthem

MELBOURNE, Australia – To be honest, I don’t know much about Australian football. Offhand, I assume it’s a lot like […]

Gov’t Agencies Win Award for Ashley Madison Investigation

HONG KONG – Not everything about the 2015 Ashley Madison data breach turned out bad. Three consumer-protection agencies in three […]

Congress Takes Aim At Revenge Porn In The Military

WASHINGTON – Months after news of the Marine Corps’ revenge porn scandal broke, it appeared to many observers and critics […]

Porn Pro Tip: Traditionally, the Uniform is Rented

DUNDEE, Scotland – If you’ve worked within the adult entertainment industry for any amount of time, or even just viewed […]

Flava Works Files New Piracy Suit Against MyVidster

Gay adult entertainment studio Flava Works has filed a second federal lawsuit against a social-networking site the company accuses of […]

Cops, Porn Don’t Mix in Germany

BERLIN – A police academy trainee may never make it onto the force after superiors discovered he appeared in an […]

U.K. Lords Want More Details about Age-Verification

LONDON – The House of Lords committee set to review the Digital Economy Bill has called a halt to the […]

Fabian Thylmann Sentenced to 16 Months, €150K Fine

AACHEN, Germany – Fabian Thylmann, former managing partner of adult industry conglomerate Manwin (now MindGeek), pleaded guilty Monday to charges […]

Do National Porn Bans Work? Not Always.

LONDON – The Digital Economy Bill under consideration in the U.K. would require domestic and foreign adult websites to meet […]

U.K. Health Sec. Wants ‘Child Sexting’ Blocked

LONDON – As the U.K.’s 2016 Digital Economy Bill winds its way through the halls of Parliament, a number of […]