New Ad-verification Tool Aims to Beat Malvertising

AdSecure’s technology is built around a custom-made crawler using behavioral targeting techniques.BARCELONA – A new ad-verification tool just released in beta aims to ensure continuous, compliant and malware-free ad delivery and sustain a secure and safe user experience for website visitors.

AdSecure’s technology is built around a custom-made crawler using behavioral targeting techniques. The software is able to run checks from multiple browsers, devices and more than 70 GEOs. The technology allows clients to automatically scan ad tags and landing pages for non-compliance and malware in real-time, 24/7.

As soon as AdSecure’s system detects a threat, the software generates real-time notification alerts through intelligent threat analysis. The alerts are sent to the client immediately via email or through an API, giving clients access to comprehensive reports listing all malicious links. The client then may take appropriate actions.

According to Product Manager Mathieu Derval, the software is quick to set up and saves clients valuable time and resources by cleaning out malware and non-compliant advertising, thereby protecting clients’ online reputation.

“Malvertising poses a very serious threat for the online community and for the entire online advertising ecosystem,” Derval said. “Malware distributed through the digital advertising supply chain degrades overall trust in this ecosystem.

“Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the open system, which relies on multiple parties including advertisers, ad networks, ad exchanges and site publishers,” he continued. “The boom in programmatic advertising offers attackers advanced targeting options, making their malicious campaigns extremely effective and difficult to detect. This is why we created the AdSecure platform: to give the industry the most effective, accurate and reliable ad-verification tool.”

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