The Adult Content Renaissance

 Europe – If you’ll look at Instagram, you may find a lot of people sharing sexually fueled content.  Hashtags such as #booty, #feetporn or #lewd (just to name a few) are commonly used and simply show the major craving by people for “erotica”, heck, even pornography.

Giants like Facebook remain in a rather strict place however and oppose such areas to keep their good footing with advertisers or state organs (see Twitch restricting clothing choices to ensure less provocative imagery, Youtube’s ad-pocalypse aftermath ultimately censoring its content creators or Instagram limiting access for adult themed hashtags).

Yet, there’s a nearly unlimited drive to more freedom, as adult space and mainstream intertwine increasingly on a daily basis. This is good for your business and the best that can happen to the adult entertainment branche. We’re still far off in terms of industry revenue compared to other entertainment forms (e.g. gaming industry) and even further away from being truly accepted by the mainstream (media), even though articles, boasting the new go-to term “sex worker”, pop up here and there showing mild progress at most.

Nonetheless we can enjoy cam and amateur porn models hosting gaming focused livestreams on Twitch or see them continuously produce videos on Youtube. They’re basically pioneers openly embracing mainstream media and ultimately creating a growing audience, which will become more and more accustomed to content creators with an adult background.

How this could go? Well, do you witness the effects of marijuana’s legalization? It’s pretty telling, don’t you think? Considering the boom behind the legalization of weed in a controlled fashion, one can surely imagine what could happen if adult entertainment won’t be treated like some kind of “hush topic” any longer – which everyone enjoys secretly anyhow, just like they did with a little weed.

Well, for the majority people are already openly communicating their sexy lifestyle. There are millions of folks producing or publishing their own content., with over 9 million registered users, literally shows how valuable (and profitable!) sexuality is for everyone. From content creators, to its member base or the affiliates. If you visit the TES Affiliate Conference in Prague from 14-17 September 2018, you can easily see how much drive is already existing today, with big brands standing right next to content creators – both elevating each other.

The mainstream masses are feeling the vibe, 
TrafficPartner can tell, having so many successful adult and dating focused brands, services and companies under its umbrella. So, it may be time to get on board now, seeing that adult entertainment is in everybody’s daily life and latches onto new channels by the minute.

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