Why advertise on YNOT?

If adult business professionals are your potential clients, then advertising on YNOT will be the smartest marketing decision you make. The readers of our content are intelligent, business-oriented professionals all striving to maintain and grow profitable businesses on the adult Internet. This is the market you want to target!

10 Facts Concerning Your Investment with YNOT

1. YNOT is the first and most respect adult industry business portal on the internet. Our flagship website averages 2,500 qualified, unique industry professionals daily, with over 10,000 active registered members receiving our daily email newsletter.

2. Our traffic is established adult entertainment business professionals of all levels, as well as “newcomers” who are getting involved in the industry; not porn surfers. We will never work out surfer traffic deals and arrangements to falsely drive up our stats. This would dilute your advertising return.

3. We use a respected third party ad delivery platform. Your advertising returns are tracked in real time, and will be extremely accurate.

4. We have very solid advertiser retention. Many of our advertisers have been with us for YEARS. This not only shows that our traffic is targeted with a high potential for ROI, but it also demonstrates our serious commitment to customer service and long-standing business relationships.

5. All our advertisers have a contracted advertising price on a recurring model. Once we negotiate a price, we will never raise the price on you in the middle of a campaign.

6. We have restrictive requirements for signatures on all of our Chat pages and threads so as not to detract from paying advertisers. We also do not allow member signature space to be bought, rented or traded.

7. YNOT has a strong presence at all major and mid-sized Industry trade shows. By and large, most people in the industry know who we are, and most who started in the industry back in the 90s got their start at YNOT.

8. We screen every potential advertiser for legitimacy prior to allowing them to advertise. Webmasters have come to know this over the years, therefore making branding advertising on YNOT truly valuable.

9. We have an extremely attentive advertising department. All aspects of your campaign will be dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

10. YNOT is one of the only adult resource sites on the Internet with a formal complaint system in place. If we deem a company to be fraudulent, we won’t allow them to be advertised or even listed here in our Service Directory.

There is simply no where else on the adult Internet you will find both Branding and ROI as strong as here at YNOT. YNOT has been in business continuously for fifteen years on the Internet. We will continue to provide the best services possible for our members and regularly set and raise the bar.

For more information, contact our sales department right now.