The Corruption of Loula Lou

Splatbukkake’s retail label ‘British Bukkake Productions’ releases its latest group sex title ‘The Corruption of Loula Lou’ now at retail and VOD.

Following in the footsteps of other titles in the series, the DVD features a collection of hot bukkake and ganging videos. Cover-girl Loula Lou is the focus of this collection and catalogues her time in the group sex scene.

She started life in adult a couple of years back doing solo work and camming, but lust and sense of adventure driving here to then broaden her horizon. We hooked up with her and asked if she’d like to take things up to the next level and try a gangbang party.

As Loula explains “To be honest, to start with I didn’t really know where I fit in the adult scene. I enjoyed what I was doing with solo modelling but it was just a means to an end, if you see what I mean”. She then broke into a cheeky smile and went on. “I love sex. REALLY, I love it. With guys, girls, you name it. So the idea of a group sex scene really appealed to me straight away. It’s not just a physical thing, it’s the fact that you’re the centre of the attention, of the lust. It’s just fucking magic to be honest with you.”

Director and Producer Robin Banks heartily agreed “Lou was great to work with right from the off; a professional of course, but clearly loves what she’s doing. Loula is such good fun and doesn’t need any direction. She’s like one of those kids toys really- just wind her up a bit and then let her rip”

‘The Corruption of Loula Lou’ features Loula Lou with Lexi Ryder and Classy Filth and introduces Lana Banana and Sammy Goud. For box art and cast list click here

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