Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey Guests on Krazy Train with Jasmin St. Claire, On Your Gaydar Podcasts

Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey is talking sexuality in all sorts of fun forms with the release of two new podcast episodes of On Your Gaydar and Krazy Train with Jasmin St. Claire.

The Accredited Advanced GSRD (gender, sex, relationship diversity) therapist, registered psychologist and sex, intimacy & relationship coach talks with On Your Gaydar host Kaylee Golding and offers helpful advice to fans in the podcast episode, “Answering Your Questions about LGBTQ+ Sex and Relationships‪!”

In responding to one of the show’s queries, Bisbey highlights the importance of prioritizing communication in relationships. “Getting in the habit of having conversations about what we desire, what turns me on and what I like to do, and asking somebody what they like to do and what turns them on, makes it possible for you to have a much wider range of positive experiences.”

Krazy Train with Jasmin St. Claire episode “Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey Is In!” delves into the many facets of mental health, including approaching trauma, overcoming emotional hurdles, honesty in relationships, non-monogamy and the need for young people to learn about sex in an emotionally intelligent way.

“I think what’s important is that people actually learn what they desire, and so many people haven’t a clue. They don’t even know where to start,” she says in the interview. “Sex-ed to me still remains diabolical, because they don’t teach enough, soon enough, and things that really need to be taught are the things that are not being taught.

“The more information people have, the more likely they are to say, ‘OK, this is complicated, I’m going to wait… I see it, I understand; I see what the consequences are and I’m going to slow it down rather than I’m going to speed it up’.“

Bisbey’s interviews on On Your Gaydar and Krazy Train with Jasmin St. Claire are available on Apple Podcasts and other quality podcast platforms.

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