FanCentro Institutes Age Verification System to Comply with German Law

FanCentro, the leading adult influencer network, is leveraging age verification (AV) technology from Yoti, a fully certified age-verification solution, in order to comply with German Youth Protection laws. By implementing age verification, German users will have the ability to safely buy content from any influencer on FanCentro.

According to German Youth Protection, anyone in Germany who purchases adult content must have their age verified beforehand. Under this law, German influencers can be held liable if they are caught selling content without the proper protection. Aside from legal proceedings, performers have been known to receive massive fines.

The Yoti AV solution now implemented on FanCentro in Germany, will protect all influencers by ensuring their fans are of legal age to purchase content before they do so. All German fans will be required to undergo age verification prior to purchasing adult content from any influencer on the platform.

“We are now the first non-German company to introduce a legally compliant solution for users and influencers based in Germany and thus also meet all the requirements of the German legislature for the protection of minors,” explains Nicholas Hörger, Chief Sales Officer at FanCentro.

“We want our influencers to be able to operate without as much censorship as on other social media platforms. However, we want them to do so as safely as possible without taking risks. We look forward to welcoming new influencers who want to gain international attention without the legal and financial risk.”

For more information on Yoti and AVS please visit the FanCentro blog.

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