From Russia With Lust: Misha Maver Opens Up to AdultDVDTalk

Siberian-born flight attendant turned multi-nominated XXX sexpot Misha Maver introduces herself to western porn aficionados via her first English language interview, available exclusively at AdultDVDTalk.

The site’s iconic interviewer and critic, Captain Jack, notes at the article’s outset, “if they have women like this over there, I want to visit!  She has a big personality and is very fun to chat with!”

Contrasting her upbringing in the city of Irkutsk with her new career, Maver reveals, “I was a rather modest girl in the city where I come from.  Even sucking a dick was considered wrong.  In porn, I opened up with intensity and liberated myself.  I just trusted my partners, whether they were guys or girls.

“Interesting fact: [before] porn, I never had anal sex,” she continues.  “When I was 18 years old, my boyfriend and I were having sex in the car and he accidentally hit me in the ass,” Maver continues.  “It was such unbearable pain that I was left with an injury and only in porn did I learn to use my ass correctly.”

A happy end indeed!

Maver also reveals her passion for exhibitionism: “Everywhere, I really like the audience.  And, in public, it’s easier to blow a guy than to have sex with him and, if the situation allows for this, it excites me very much.  But my guys don’t always give it to me, even actors sometimes refused me because they were worried that someone might see.”

“Two years ago, I started [studying] sexology and we pass a lot of information through ourselves.  One thing I realized is that I have low libido, therefore, sex by itself does not interest me very much.  I need emotion, I need fun, I need adrenaline!  Only in this case, do I get real pleasure from sex.  That’s why I like porn: I get these emotions.  We shoot on the street, we douse ourselves in oil on the set, we have different outfits, different colorful beautiful underwear, interesting makeup . . . I get crazy emotions and am charged with crazy energy.”

The inked blonde stunner says she identifies as submissive, but with a few stipulations: “I’m submissive but I don’t allow myself to be humiliated. By humiliation, I mean licking a guy’s feet, being tied up, I’m not making a golden shower . . . maybe this is strange but I feel frightened. This is not pleasure.”

“I also cannot dominate a man. For me, [my] man — this is God, my king; I cannot dominate!  I’m a girl, a princess, I should be taken care of, but I’m also ready to take care of my partner and give him unreal pleasure.  I love men!”

Enjoy Misha Maver’s exclusive interview in its entirety at Adult DVD Talk.

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