Gabriela Lopez Will Show You the True Art of Burlesque in 3D VR!

You know, everyone can, better or worse, dance – but if you want it to look sexy, you need to have some more skills and there is way more in it than just moving your legs, arms, and hips. Even though the regular striptease is already extremely alluring for most male eyes, you can go even beyond that in terms of granted intimacy – and even though you might have never seen it on your own, we are more than sure that you have heard about something called burlesque. This artistic way of expression and showing you more and more of a naked body is exceedingly turning on – and one of professional VR porn producers, VR Bangers, have just decided to use this theme in their brand new VR porn scene with one of the hottest curvy professional VR porn stars.

Gabriela Lopez has one of those stereotypical Latina bodies – full hips (that don’t lie, haha!), sticking out butt and mesmerizing legs that look simply the best when she is moving and dancing. The girl has been tasked by VR Bangers to show all her “assets” inside of the producer’s latest VR porn fantasy – and in the Burlesque VR porn movie, she is about to hypnotize all her fans with her one-of-a-kind performance packed inside of this fresh solo masturbation virtual reality porn experience.

The girl will start with showing her perfect body in an extremely appealing way, displaying everything that she could clearly be proud of, to only moments later start playing with that perfect body of hers and touching herself in a way that will make all the biggest VR porn videos’ connoisseurs hard in no time. Moments after she will already play with her juicy pussy using some toys provided to her by VR Bangers – all the time moaning and groaning out loud and showing her perfection from pretty much every angle directly to VR Bangers’ virtual reality porn camera recording in full 3D and 6K ultra high definition.

“Burlesque is something that everybody has heard of, but not too many have managed to see it on their own eyes,” admits Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “That is why we decided to include this artistic way of showcasing beautiful female bodies inside of our latest VR porn movie – and I believe that Gabriela Lopez and her ideal Latina body is simply perfect to surprise our fans with such a VR porn fantasy. Hopefully, our members are going to agree with me on that – especially that I personally am really satisfied with the outcome of our little cooperation with Mrs. Lopez.”

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