Is Haley Reed Just Pretty or Book Smart, too? Find That Out in Immersive 3D VR!

Even though technologies keep on advancing, it is actually quite common that most of us like to read a good old piece of paper to chill, relax or learn something new. Sure, old sex magazines were successfully replaced by first some regular porn videos in 2D and then 3D VR porn movies, but although we keep on reaching for more and more immersive solutions to feel like fucking the girl of our dreams for real, instead of just looking at her, old-school is always going to be somewhat trendy or, as they tend to call it, vintage – and thus extremely hot! That is why one of the producers of aforementioned, technologically-advanced VR porn scenes have just released a VR porn fantasy about fucking inside of a bookstore – VR Bangers present the Booskmart VR porn video, their latest lifelike virtual reality porn experience with cute Haley Reed.

In the Booksmart teen VR porn scene, you are going to hang out with Haley in a library surrounded by hundreds of different books and with a grumpy old little lady watching over you, lurking between the bookshelves from time to time. Meeting a cute girl in a bookstore is actually a common fantasy and a lot of romantic comedies started like that – and even though having sex with this cute teenage vixen does resemble some kind of a romance indeed, VR Bangers are going to give you something noticeably more intense than a scene from one of such films.

The biggest issue of this VR porn fantasy will be that not to get kicked out of the library, you will have to stay silent – and it is kind of requiring to keep Haley’s mouth shut when you will be getting her close to a wild, loud orgasm. You, wearing your VR headset, and this blonde cutie will have to remain extra careful while banging between the bookshelves, as the aforementioned old librarian might catch you red-handed any minute and thus interrupt your romantic encounter in virtual reality.

“Fucking in the library is the fantasy that most likely a lot of us have,” admits Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “It was actually quite challenging to find an appropriate place to produce this latest VR porn movie, but when I successfully secured the spot, we could already begin the production. Haley is cute and really intelligent, too, so she was a great choice for this VR porn video – wear your VR headset and watch the Booksmart to find out whether you agree with me or not!”

To join the girl and have a romantic encounter with her in the VRB’s library, you should go to this link.

And if you are interested in other VR porn movies from the studio and would like to watch a different VR porn experience made by it, head straight to the makers’ main page over here. The producers make sure to upload new and new VR porn experiences in up to 6K UHD pretty much few times a week!

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