Jasmine Grey Tries to Prove in Virtual Reality That She’s Better

It would be probably extremely stupid to ask any guy if his girlfriend is equally good at sex to a professional porn star – and especially that not many of us have managed to fuck a pro adult movies’ actress and we do not really have a point of reference. Thanks to VR Bangers – one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers that come up with ever-new VR porn fantasies for their growing and growing community of fans of members – you can actually at least try to compare a regular girl to a veteran adult model, as Jasmine Grey – an extremely sexy Asian goddess – will try to give you a comparison in VRB’s newest VR porn scene.

Better Than A Porn Star, as the name suggests, is the latest VR Bangers’ VR porn video about something we have mentioned in the paragraph above – the eternal question of whether a vanilla girl can be equally good at banging as a professional pornstar who is having sex in all the kinkiest and sexiest ways simply for living. Since this will be a VR porn fantasy, though, the aforementioned scenario will get slightly altered by the VR Bangers’ imagination – after all, the beautiful girl giving you a comparison is a pro adult model herself, so… what is the point of this entire VR porn undertaking?

Well, the point is that the vixen will become your temporary girlfriend as soon as you will wear your VR headset, and she will catch you red-handed on watching some of VR porn videos (viewing virtual reality porn inside of a VR porn movie – just like a porn parody of the Inception movie, right?) and she will not really find that appealing to her. To convince you that you do not need all these “fake pussies” in VR, the girl will grab your attention on her own, and try to prove you that she can do everything (and maybe even more) than all those dumb sluts, and that you do not need to waste your focus on them.

“Better Than A Porn Star is a VR porn fantasy that could actually happen to every single of our fans – or at least the first part of the story,” says Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “You see, it is not that hard to be caught on watching some VR porn, when you have the goggles and the headphones on your head and you are immersed with everything that is happening inside of virtual reality experience. The problem is, that having sex with your girlfriend IRL would probably not be the course of action happening after being busted in the real life – and inside of our new VR porn video, that is exactly what is going to happen!”

Interested and want to give a try to this newest “two-ply” VR porn scene? Simply go over here – or here if you are interested in watching other VR porn videos in up to 6K UHD made by VR Bangers.

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