Product Training at NAE Group and Kondomeriet in Sweden

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg –  Key Account Manager Stefan Daniel travelled to Sweden to carry out product training sessions at the NAE Group and Kondomeriet. In total, he held four presentations, amongst others at Martinshop, which is part of the NAE Group, in Sweden’s second largest city Gothenburg. This is the largest erotic shop in Gothenburg, covering an area of more than 100 square meters. Branch manager Sophie Svensson was very impressed: “pjur products are the best-selling personal lubricants, stimulants and hygiene products in our store. This isn’t the only reason why we are so pleased with the visit, though – we also love the great training folders and will always use them from now on with new employees,” explains Sophie Svensson.

Tomas Kron, owner of the Kondomeriet branch in Gothenburg was also impressed. Right after the product training session, pjur received new orders for the entire pjur SPA range, pjur Woman Nude, pjur superhero strong spray, pjur Woman Aqua, pjur MAN Steel Gel and pjur MAN Xtend Cream. “We’re big fans of pjur,” explains Thomas Kron. “The “gives you more” campaign highlights exactly what’s important to the company: More customer proximity, more quality and more choice. These are particularly important criteria for us, and that is why we decided to expand our range of pjur products further.”

In line with its “gives you more” campaign, pjur is making more visits to customers this year. Companies interested in taking part should get in touch with their sales contact partner.

You can find out more about pjur and the “gives you more” campaign at

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