Relax and “Enlighten Up!” with Vera King Inside of Virtual Reality!

Living a fit lifestyle is getting unbelievablycommon these days, so it is no wonder that more and more people attend some exercises like e.g. CrossFit, Pilates or yoga. Would you like to earn yourself a healthy body but you do not really want to leave your place? Thanks to VR Bangers – one of the best VR porn videos’ producers in the entire world, known most of all for introducing 6K ultra high definition virtual reality standard to their VR adult content as the very first in the industry – you will not only join a yoga class with an extremely sexy girl, but also become her mentor – a yoga master, specifically – from who the girl REALLY wants to learn – and is super determined to do that, no matter what…

Yoga and similar activities work exceedingly well together with virtual reality technology, as thanks to 3D VR offered by all modern VR headsets, you can precisely observe your yoga teacher and follow his (or her) moves as accurately as possible. This fact was used multiple times by VR games’ makers and it was about time for it to be used by some VR porn movies’ producers, too – and so, here it comes, the latest yoga-related VR porn scene from VR Bangers called Enlighten Up!

This VR porn video with a beautifully skinny and athletic adult actress, Vera King, will allow all members of VR Bangers’ family to chill out and relax with their VR goggles on – at the same time “enlightening” themselves up, opening their chakras and… getting a solid boner followed by a huge cumshot. To achieve a true balance of body and soul, you need to get rid of all the obstacles in front of you – and if you had a stressful day at work, there is no better way to clear your mind than to have a hardcore sex with a girl of your dreams.

Usually, in most of the porn videos with yoga references, you just watch a girl who is trying to teach you this art by doing some yoga poses and naming them one after another. VR Bangers had a little bit different approach to that topic this time – as they have already produced a “basic” yoga-related VR porn scene in the past called Busty Namaste – and now made their viewers true yoga masters – who are teaching some of the hardest moves to the hungry for knowledge adept of Mrs. King. The girl wants to become a yoga teacher herself so she is really determined to learn all these positions – and so she will be very… grateful for your patience, dedication and time that you have spent with her.

“Yoga in virtual reality? Works just great!” admits Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “Vera King is really fit and she looks amazing wearing some leggings, so she was a perfect choice for our newest approach to yoga-related VR porn scenes. I think that she did just great and to see if I am right, you will have to watch this VR porn movie on your own on!”

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