Return to School in a More Fun Way than Ever Before in Virtual Reality!

What comes to your mind when you think back to your school days? Hard homework? Staying after class and detentions? Or maybe this sexy friend from a parallel class that you have always wanted to “score” like the final exams at the end of high school? Thanks to one of the best producers of VR porn movies, VR Bangers – known worldwide for realistic 6K UHD VR porn scenes being a standard in their company – you can now actually do that in their immersive virtual reality – in a way much closer to the real sex than ever before, presumably exceeding your wildest erotic expectations.

Inside of the latest teen VR porn scene of VR Bangers called The School of Cock, young and exceedingly hot adult model, Katya Rodriguez, will become an incredibly ambitious student attending to some of your classes – doing all that is within her might to earn herself a grade as high as it only is possible. Within this VR porn fantasy, you will be able to impersonate that handsome teacher from your school who has always been surrounded by horny school-girls hoping to improve their grades and, at the same time, have a good time with an older guy of their dreams.

Somehow – and it has always been like that – college girls always prefer their teachers – it is, as long as they are good-looking – and this was probably one of the reasons why back in the day it was so hard for you to pick one of them. Fortunately, thanks to the magical world offered by VR Bangers, inside of their virtual reality porn experiences, there are no boundaries and sky is the limit – and now you can fuck Katya harder than you have ever banged one of these teen sluts in the real life.

“Look at Katya Rodriguez and you will already know why we chose her for this role,” says Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “Even though the idea of scoring your sexy, horny student is quite popular in the adult industry, this is our very first such scene in 6K ultra high definition, and as soon as we have introduced this standard to our virtual reality porn experiences, we have planned to produce a similar VR porn movie. Now, when it already happened, all our fans will be able to wear their VR headsets and feel this tight teenage pussy in a way more realistic than ever before.”

VR Bangers took their VR porn scenes to the next level with the introduction of 6K ultra high definition and The School of Cock is indeed the very first such scene in 6K UHD 3D VR. If you would like to see whether they have succeeded with making it as realistic as possible and you want to fuck Katya on your own, you will be able to do that after going to this link.

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