Sitting on a Quarantine? Make It a Whole Lot More Enjoyable with Leda Lotharia in COVID-9TEEN!

Okay, how many of you guys had to stay at home for a COVID-19 quarantine? Yeah, we are quite sure that 99% of the worldwide population has already had enough of this virus – and, unfortunately, it feels like it is not going to go away that easily. Fortunately for us, though, VR porn movie producers like VR Bangers have rolled up their sleeves to make sure that all their viewers will have some content to watch during this forced staying at home – and apart from “regular” VR porn scenes they keep on releasing, they have just added one of such VR porn fantasies in 8K UHD with the COVID theme.

Even though producers like VR Bangers know that being forced to stay at home makes you watch even more VR porn movies – and, well, they certainly appreciate that – they are also aware that it generally sucks and we all sometimes miss interactions with others. Inside of their newest teen VR porn movie called COVID-9TEEN (yes, VR Bangers havenamed a VR porn scene like that…), they took that theme and turned it into an anal virtual reality porn fantasy – the one inside of which you are going to have a whole lot of fun with one of their filthiest teen VR porn performers, Leda Lotharia.

Right after wearing your VR goggles to watch this VR porn scene, you will be sitting on the bed when the girl (Leda) enters the room. You visited her, your friend because her quarantine because of COVID-19 has just ended. She is so happy because you are the very first person that she could meet after all these weeks. She is so horny that she wants to fuck with you here and now. Her pussy has been craving for a dick like yours – and not only her as she will also let you fuck her even tighter ass to give her a complete set of sensual experiences for her to enjoy. There is even a decent plot twist waiting for you at the end of this scene… but we are not going to spoil the fun by mentioning it!

“COVID is nothing fun on its own but we are here to cheer all our fans up,” says Mike Henigan, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “In COVID-9TEEN we came up with an experience that could really happen to all of us during these troubling times – and we believe that our  members are going to appreciate that sexual fantasy and, if any of them are actually being quarantined, that we will make their day a whole lot more enjoyable!”

If you want to see how Leda is fighting boredom during the quarantinein your own eyes and enjoy everything that this professional teen VR porn star has to offer, you will be able to do that after going to this link.

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