Skyrocket Advedro Advertising Profits With Voluum Tracker

Advedro, industry’s first provider of truly AI-powered online advertising and tracking solutions for all digital marketers, affiliates and agencies,  today has  announced its integration with Voluum.

Voluum is one of the leading cloud-based tracking solutions on the market. It enables its clients to collect every piece of their campaign data and optimize it for the highest performance. By offering all of Advedro’s clients a direct integration with Voluum, they will be able to track every visit, click and conversion, while keeping the campaigns fully optimized for a maximized ROI.

“We constantly strive to offer our clients new and innovative tools to fulfil all of their advertising and publishing needs. The integration of Voluum tracker is the logical next step for us, because it increases our capacity to offer deeper campaign data insights and adds another fantastic optimization solution to our already AI driven advertising platform.”, says Judy Shalom CEO & Founder of Advedro.

Start by logging in to your Voluum account, click the traffic sources tab and then select the new traffic source button. Click traffic sources templates and select Advedro. Once you have selected this pre-defined template for Advedro, Voluum will pre-populate the traffic source settings on the template.

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