Tanya Virago Is Happy To Announce New Body Enhancements

Porn star Tanya Virago is pleased to announce her recent body enhancements. The tall blonde already had an amazing body, but now she’s reached a new level of seductiveness.

With these enhancements, Tanya has a new body shape, including a sleeker shape and bigger breasts. Her first surgery took place in late April, which was Liposculpture 360. This involved removing fat cells from different parts of her body, including her stomach, waist, hips, and under butt area. This resulted in Tanya significantly reduced her weight. Now Tanya, with her height of 178 cm (5’10”), weighs only 58 kg (127lbs).

After that, as soon as the rehabilitation period was over, Tanya increased her breast size admirably. In her third breast augmentation, Tanya had her 750cc implants removed and replaced, with 1500cc implants. As a result, her breasts doubled in size. And, she’s not done yet, as Tanya will again increase her breast size once she’s done recovering.

In all, UK-based porn star Tanya Virago has spent over 20,000 euros (nearly $24,000 USD) to make these modifications, increasing her confidence, which in turn, makes her a more versatile performer.

However, this did not happen by accident. Her mainstream modeling career has helped shape her new vision. Tanya took inspiration from the fashion industry’s high standards to improve her look.  Tanya is bringing the world of glamour modeling and porn together to create her own aesthetic combining temptation and sexuality.

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