Twitch, Please: Invites Adult Streamers to Join the Site

Netherlands – March 5th, 2018 – Today Twitch has aimed to release its reformed guidelines, which have long been feared by the community, including a rather strict dress code. However, one thing is abundantly clear already – the world is turned upside down on the live stream and video website. While amateur erotica models like Anny Aurora are wearing reserved casual wear and professional porn actors like Manuel Ferrara explicitly ensure that all rules are kept intact on his channel, “normal” streamers like Kaceytron have been targeted for suggestive content since months., considered the “sexiest network for adults”, does not shy away from nudity and may put plans in motion to offer an alternative for scantily dressed streamers, so that all involved parties may find contentment.

Further progression of the situation will be monitored first for now, but a first step has been depicted already, as the current state is deemed rather critical. Reports have been piling up for a while now and outline questionable acts on Twitch’s side, toxic hate rants from within the community itself or a general frustration by streamers due to vague guidelines. Accordingly, erotica and dating website wants to send an open letter to the amazon subsidiary and its content creators, if the situation keeps getting worse.

Therein, an obvious and immediate possibility would be offered to take away the tension of all involved parties. Female streamers, with an existing fondness for expressing their sensual side, would be welcomed to register cost-free on Following, their regular video game live streams, while completely in tune with Twitch’s new guidelines, could continue and more intimate sessions with fans would be easily made available via the adult site’s services. There wouldn’t be any toxic circumstances in live chats for example, because nudity is ultimately accepted and even embraced on

The erotica and adult dating site also delivers an alternative when it comes to the financial side of things. Anyone hoping to find an equivalent to donations from the audience could also be at peace, as models can sell their content. In addition there are fully transparent guidelines, the possibility to gather new fans and finally the fear of being banned in a random fashion will be a thing of the past.

Naturally, the issue on Twitch itself is more complex, but the tense relationship between the site and its community could very well be relieved. Even the live streaming video platform might as well be open to the possibility, as it would shift “lewd” content to external sources. With growing popularity of polarizing figures, considering infamous streamers Tyler17 and Dr. Disrespect breaking viewer records with up to over 380,000 people watching, public pressure is also increasing for the Amazon subsidiary. After all, many community sites such as Youtube or apps like Snapchat still don’t have answers on how to regulate their content creators in a meaningful way or the topic erotica altogether.

At this point asks all streamers, fearing the new Twitch guidelines and their impact, to reach out at any time via email or to register directly when of legal age, because no one should ever be harassed – just for streaming in a bikini.

Contact can be made at, known as the sexiest erotic network, has become the go-to place for over 9 million registered members and more than 25.000 amateurs looking to create or engage an exciting mix of sensual videos, as well as live streams. It also offers dating options to like-minded adults at the same time.

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