Uncover the Latest White House’s Secret with Misha Cross!

We all like to know what is going on in the White House, but all the latest presidential affairs are usually kept in secret for many, many years and we find out about them decades after the end of the term of office of the given governor. Having that in mind, one of the premium VR porn movies’ producers, VR Bangers, have just recently released their latest VR porn scene with a similar theme – in The Contender, Misha Cross will be trying to spy on the president, yet she will be caught red-handed and…

In this brand new VR porn video in 6K ultra high definition – resolution from which VR Bangers are known for and which is the highest available quality in VR porn experiences operated by the currently available technology – you will become the president yourself – it is, after wearing one of those VR headsets – who will just come back to his office to notice that his new female assistant is doing something fishy.

You will notice that the girl that has just been assigned to you – played by sexy brunette Misha Cross – is wiretapping your entire office and installing some kind of hidden cameras, and even though it may be somewhat interesting to let her finish the job, you choose to interrupt her and show her that she has been spotted. The girl has not been expecting your appearance and will not initially know what to do, but as soon as you will point your gun at her for the disloyalty to the state, she will understand that she has gotten herself into serious troubles.

To save her pretty ass from this uneasy situation, Misha will try to use some of her beautiful body that she knows that you find attractive to change your mind – so now you can fuck her hard and do just anything you want with her, as she is in a tight spot and does not really have a choice but to do everything you will ask her to. This means that while watching this latest VR porn video, you can certainly get rid of any remorse and limits, and just screw Mrs. Cross’s tight pussy as hard as you want.

“Misha Cross is a beautiful lady and she was a perfect pick for a sexy assistant of the president,” says Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “We loved her attitude in this VR porn movie and she could indeed show some of her acting skills while installing all of these bugs in the office at the beginning of the scene – I am sure that all members of the VR Bangers’ family will admire that, too!”

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