Unlockd Scoffs at Instagram’s New ‘Subscriptions’ Trial to Get Content Creators on Board

Top adult social platform Unlockd is calling out Instagram for its duplicity in unveiling ‘Subscriptions’, a paid service that offers creators the opportunity to deliver exclusive content to their fans.

While it is still unclear whether or not Instagram will allow adult content on its new paid service, Unlockd Global Brand Ambassador Ela Darling asserts that if their so-called ‘secret’ content is explicit in nature, the brand is, at best, hypocritical and at worst, greedy latecomers looking to snag a slice of adult platforms’ considerable online profits.

“It is appalling that a platform that discriminates against Sex Workers is trying to create their own version of Unlockd to seduce those who make content into distributing it on their platform,” says Darling of Instagram’s not-so-original concept, “especially when all of those who make content that is explicit in nature in no way is allowed to have this on their platform.”

Mainstream social media networks have continued to lose ground, both in online traffic and revenues, to adult content sharing sites that provide a more lucrative means of monetizing creator services. “it seems that companies such as Instagram want to get back some of the users that they’ve lost, especially during the pandemic,” adds Darling.“But for many, many adult content creators who have found financial success on platforms such as Unlockd, it’s too little, too late. We want to build our business and profitable fan base alongside companies that invest in us and don’t discriminate or censor us. Big Tech can try to ban adult materials all they like, but the public has spoken with billions of dollars in receipts to back it up. We’re not going anywhere.”

The Unlockd network brings adult content creators together with their biggest fans as a ‘one-stop shop’ for videos, photos, private chat, personal engagement and more, and provides an inclusive place for men, women, trans and non-binary users.

To learn more about Unlockd, visit Unlock, and Creators can join using the Onboarding Page here.

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