New VR Studio Based In A Campervan

With the rise of VR content, it wasn’t going to be long before the content started to diversify from the regular bed or chair POV (Point of View) shot to something wildly different.

The team at Peeping Thom studios have recently celebrated their first birthday in the VR production arena and to mark this occasion they have launched a second brand called FuckTruck VR. Building on their current demographic of mainly curvy British MILF performers, FuckTruck VR takes the concept to new levels by cramming all the cameras, lighting, production crew and talent into a campervan and taking it on the road. “I was inspired by some of the 90s British producers like Marino and his AwayDays series but wanted to bring it right up to date using current technology” says Simon, the MD of Peeping Thom.

The technology is what’s really given the opportunity to create this new project. Even with the smaller cameras giving us the minimum 5.7K we need, the low wattage LED lighting and portable battery systems we still faced huge challenges to getting the project off the ground.” says Simon.

Peeping Thom launched the companies first VR clip through the SexLikeReal and VRPorn platforms in early 2021 and have had great success in their first year, creating over 150 diverse scenes with some of the top UK performers including Michelle Thorne, Sophie Anderson, Devon Breeze, Mia MILF, Shooting Star and Camilla Creampie. The team behind the brand have been working in the UK adult business for over a decade but always behind the scenes for performers’ own productions. “Getting my hands on the VR equipment and having to throw the traditional filming rule book out the window has been a huge challenge to us” says Simon. “It’s all new and because there is no blueprint to making VR content we can just experiment and have fun, hence how the FuckTruck VR concept came about”.

The brand is also looking to diversify more by expanding the talent pool they work with and its planned to eventually arrange a European tour and take the campervan to all the major cities and work with local performers. “But there are huge advances on the horizon for VR tech, and we have ensured that both our VR projects are ready to embrace them all.”

Check out a few of the first FuckTruck VR clips.

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