WeCamGirls Launches New Community: WePornstars

Founders of the successful WeCamgirls platform launch a new community for adult talent and porn stars: WePornstars.

In 2012, Rutger and Tristan launched the cammodel community / forum WeCamgirls. The community has thrived, and almost ten years later 30,000 camgirls and camguys call it their home. “With WeCamgirls, we created a safe place for cammodels to interact, discuss and connect, without customers peeking in,” says Rutger. “We never imagined that the site could be so successful, but it turned out that what we offer with WeCamgirls, is just what models are looking for.”

Expanding to other parts of the business has always been on their minds. “We talked to (current and former) adult stars, did our research, visited lots of conferences and concluded that talents and pornstars could benefit from a community similar to WeCamgirls. Information and interaction are our focus keywords. WePornstars will be a place where adult talent can interact safely and where they will have access to a wealth of information and resources.”

A big part of the WeCamgirls community is the exchange of experiences and information. With thousands or real reviews of cam sites, vid and clip sites and other cam related businesses by verified cam models, aspiring models will have a proper idea where to sign up and what to expect. “There are so many agencies and studios in the porn world, that for aspiring talents it can be confusing on how and where to start. With WePornstars we will have, with the help of more established talent, a similar review section, so all the paths that are available will be more clear.”

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Or contact Tristan: tristan@wepornstars.com

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