YanksVR Upgrades Production Hardware

YanksVR has invested in second-generation cameras and equipment.SEATTLE – Within the first six months of YanksVR.com’s launch, the company has already invested in new cameras, custom rigs and custom cooling kits, according to Yanks Chief Executive Officer Billie Miller. The new equipment increases the resolution and frame rate of the company’s stereoscopic 3D videos and allows for closer, more sustained shooting from angles that suit YanksVR’s unique style of content creation, she said.

“The early returns on VR have been great — so much better than our best-case projections,” Miller said. “Because of that, we are extraordinarily optimistic about the future of the VR market.

“Immediate further investments that make the product better simply make sense,” she continued. “The latest scenes shot with the new gear that have been released on the site from Catalina Rene, Pepper Hart, Penny Lay and others have been very well received. Seeing — or rather, experiencing — the girls of YanksVR orgasming inches from your face is something to behold. The increased intimacy and our new storytelling features continue to evoke sensations far beyond traditional videos. I remain impressed with the power of VR daily.”

YanksCash, the affiliate program that manages the adult brands Yanks, YanksVR and Clubstroke.net was established in 2002 and has been a leader in creating sexy, natural, amateur porn. YanksCash also works hard to be a leader in the adult industry and an example of an ethical adult company.

“Doing right by our staff, partners and customers is a central value we are committed to maintaining while continuing to grow as a company and as a brand,” Miller said, adding that all Yanks content is 100-percent female-produced.


Marty O'Brien

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