The Australian Adult Industry Awards Appoints David Ross

We are very pleased to announce that David Ross has joined the Australian Adult Industry Awards – A.A.I.A® team. David,often referred to as Mr. Sexpo, conceived and launched the adult entertainment exhibition, Sexpo – Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle Expo in Australia, in 1996, before expanding to South Africa in 2007. The event was then exported to London in 2015.
David says,”While no longer involved with Sexpo, my many years’ experience in producing unforgettable Sexpo events means that theAustralian Adult Industry Awards – A.A.I.A® will continue to be the must-attend event of the year.
“As a result of being inducted into the 2002A.A.I.A® Hall of Fame, I have a long association with the Australian Adult Industry Awards – A.A.I.A® and a great understanding of the value of such an award.
“I have known Maxine Fensom since prior to 1996 when she was an exhibitor at the very first Sexpo in Australia. I can assure all concerned thatMaxine’s Australian Adult Industry Awards®– A.A.I.A®will continue to be the pre-eminent awards ceremony for Australia’s adult industry,”he said.
Maxine Fensom says, “It has come to our attention that a new proposed event, purporting to be associated with theAustralian Adult Industry Awards – A.A.I.A®, is selling tickets and sponsorship for an event that is not sanctioned by us.The event in question is claiming to be a rebranded Australian Adult Industry Awards – A.A.I.A® event; it is not!
“We wish to advise that as the owners of the A.A.I.A® we can no longer endorse Jake Ryan and Jake Ryan Media Group as the winners of Best Adult Website 2015 2016 and 2017, Best Aussie Porn Star 2016, Alpha Male 2015 and 2016, Best Touring Escort 2017, Best Personal Assistant 2016, or recognise these awards for the years abovementioned.
“I sincerely apologise for any confusion that may have been caused.
“No others have the authorisation of, or an affiliation with the Australian Adult Industry Awards – A.A.I.A®. Any person claiming such authorization or affiliation is neither authorised nor endorsed by me in any way to act on my behalf to host these prestigious awards.
“Please be aware that I am not in any wayassociated with any other awards function,”she said.
Should any person have paid any monies to any person or companies other than Maxine Fensom or FORTYFIFTH SHERLOCK PTY. LIMITED for sponsorships or tickets in relation to the A.A.I.A®, you are encouraged to consider demanding an immediate refund. Such parties are not authorised to hold an entertainment event under the A.A.I.A® brand. Read full statementHERE.
We encourage those wishing to attend the adult industry’s night-of-nights not to purchase tickets prior to us making a further statement.
The 2022Australian Adult Industry Awards – A.A.I.A®will be held in Sydney, on Thursday May 26.

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