Mr. Sexpo Writes Tell-all Autobiography About Life Inside the Adult Entertainment Industry Bubble

David Ross, often referred to as Mr. Sexpo, conceived and launched the adult entertainment exhibition, Sexpo – Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle Expo in Australia, in 1996, before expanding to South Africa in 2007. The event was exported to London in 2015. After the sale of Sexpo, with no ongoing involvement with the event, and with the exhibition industry in disarray due to Covid-19, David says now is the right time to tell his life story.

David’s newfound spare time is being utilised to write his tell-all autobiography, detailing his 36 years inside the adult industry bubble, including his 18 years as Mr. Sexpo and stints at iconic (and infamous) clubs, such as Ladies for Gentlemen, Top of the Town, Daily Planet and Simply Irresistible. David was also involved in the leading adult industry retail chain, Club X, and served as president of the (Australian) Adult Entertainment Industry Association.

His autobiography also covers details of his time in the illegal (at the time) brothel industry. David’s story is set to be a salacious tale of sex industry savvy and what really goes on behind the facade of the adult entertainment industry; from boardroom to backstage, ALL WILL BE REVEALED.

“My story goes much further back than the beginning of Sexpo. It would be fair to say that my life before Sexpo would best be described as colourful, and not always on the right side of the law. There are many interesting characters and stories along the way; a bit of a bad boy goes straight story,” David says “While most would expect there to be a fair amount of sex and drugs involved, what may surprise readers are the stories of corporate mismanagement, murder, gun-running, gangsters, bomb threats, fire-bombings, sexual harassment, kidnapping and other tales of general naughtiness. But on a lighter note, there’s a lot of very funny stuff as well.”

His revelations, David predicts, may strike fear into some hardened hearts. “Some will be nervous, some will wait with bated breath, and others will be terrified,” he says. David, an Adult Industry Hall of Fame inductee, had planned a quiet retirement by the sea side, but discovered that life is a little too, well, quiet. As a result, he decided join the mainstream workforce, outside the adult industry.

Strangely enough, finding work outside the adult entertainment industry proved a difficult task. David found prospective employers weren’t too impressed with his resume. Much like a scene from the 2005 movie Fun with Dick and Jane (Jim Carey), he discovered that while people are keen to hear the stories, they are less enthusiastic about offering a job.

“Anyone who’s over 50 knows how hard it is to get a job, never mind someone whose background involves the adult entertainment industry,” he says. David is now keeping busy with his writing, advocacy, speaking and consultancy engagements. As someone who has always excelled in creating his own opportunities, though, David has teamed up with a number of financial service providers to promote financial security to those in and around the adult entertainment industry – and guide today’s adult industry operators towards a life of sustainable financial security.

David’s lived experience – and his willingness to share his own stories of both failure and success – is the motivation for his commitment to advocacy and support for those finding the transition to civilian life more difficult than they had imagined.

“Many in the adult industry have spent their working lives as a single parent with one income and they’ve come up against industry-based discrimination, including from banks and other financial institutions, only to find – at the end of their career – that life outside the adult industry bubble can be a lonely place,” he says. David’s message to others in and around the adult entertainment industry, including those just embarking on a career in the industry, is that it’s never too late – or too early – to plan an exit strategy.

“An education and an impressive CV will not guarantee a job, or financial security,” David says. “Start on your exit strategy today.”

Those interested in obtaining an advance copy of David’s autobiography should register their interest at here.

For further info, contact David Ross on +61 (0) 419 266 981 or

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