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UK’s Jobcentres Ban Adult Industry ‘Help Wanted’ Adverts

YNOT EUROPE – After a public outcry earlier this year, the UK government has banned from its Jobcentre Plus employment […]

CommerceGate to Debunk International Billing Myths during AVN Show

YNOT EUROPE – Cathy Beardsley, senior vice president of sales for Barcelona-based online billing solutions provider CommerceGate, is ready to […]

Barcelona-Based Private Launches New Mobile Platform

YNOT EUROPE – Barcelona-Based adult media conglomerate Private Media Group has launched a new mobile platform the company calls “groundbreaking.” […]

100,000 UK PCs Freed by Botnet Takedown

YNOT EUROPE – A botnet that controlled an estimated 100,000 personal computers in the UK has been taken offline, security […]

British Porn Magnate Buys UK’s Channel Five

YNOT EUROPE – A British entrepreneur who made his fortune in skin mags and adult premium television channels has bought […]

The Barcelona Summit: Calling All Online Entertainment Industries

The adult trade show world has always been, strangely enough, a collage of shows without a real independent status. During […]

86% of Poles Admit to Viewing Internet Porn

YNOT EUROPE – The Polish have overtaken the Brits, Italians, French and Scandinavians as, per capita, the largest consumers of […]

Europe’s Biggest Discount Chain Offers Porn for a Pound

YNOT EUROPE – Europe’s biggest chain of discount retail stores was founded in the 1990s on the simple principle it […]

Anna Chapman Loses British Citizenship, Gains Naked Doppelganger

YNOT EUROPE – Russian spy Anna Chapman has been notorious for only a few weeks, but already an enterprising toymaker […]

Forrester Forecast: Double-Digit Online Retail Growth in Western Europe

YNOT EUROPE – Despite entering a more mature phase in its evolution, online retail in both Western Europe and the […]