Cali Lee Will Get the Payback on Her Cheating Ex-boyfriend With You in Virtual Reality!

If you have ever been cheated on, you certainly know how painful such situations can get and it is no wonder if you have always wanted to avenge that unfaithful ex-girlfriend of yours… and perhaps one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers might have just gotten you that opportunity. VR Bangers – the company known worldwide for introducing 6K ultra high definition standard to the virtual reality porn market – have just released their newest VR porn movie about that, inside of which it will be all about having that sweet revenge – and, naturally, in the nicest possible way, as by doing the very same thing but in a better, kinkier and more exiting way… and with a professional pornstar, Cali Lee!

In the Payback – the brand-new VR porn video produced by VR Bangers and aforementioned brunette goddess – the girl will come straight to your apartment with a deal that cannot be simply thrown away, and –as long as you have a pair of working VR goggles and an active membership on – this could be one of the biggest chances in your entire hitherto sexual history!

Inside of this VR porn fantasy, the girl has been cheated on and her ex-boyfriend did that with your very own girlfriend – and now, since she found out about that, she wants to do exactly the same thing to them and enjoy the sweet, sweet revenge literally by tasting your even sweeter cock. Since it is supposed to be a vengeful sex, the girl really wants to make it special and is determined to do every single thing that she has never tried with her BF before – meaning that you can take advantage of everything the sluttiest and kinkiest that the beautiful vixen has to offer!

“There is nothing cool about being cheated on but, on the other hand, getting the payback – just like in our latest VR porn movie – on such a situation, is probably one of the most enjoyable things of all,” says Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “Our super-sexy VR porn star, Cali Lee, when asked about her idea for our new virtual reality porn experience admitted that she has been cheated on recently in the real life, and thus came the concept for our latest VR porn scene. We do not know if the actress was thinking about her unfaithful ex-boyfriend when shooting this latest VR porn movie with us, but she did a great job and perhaps she actually was… Who knows?”

To taste the sweet revenge on your own and see if the girl really looks like she was treating the situation personally, you should go to this link – where Cali is waiting for you, as long as you have an active membership on

And if you are interested in other VR porn movies from the studio and would like to watch a different VR porn experience made by it, head straight to the makers’ main page over here.

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