CumRocket Officially Launches 18+ NFT Marketplace with Halloween-Themed Adult Content

Cumrocket is set to officially launch its 18+ NFT marketplace for NSFW creators ready to dive into the fast-rising billionaire trend of NFTs.

Kicking off with a Halloween-themed collection, the innovative crypto-based brand shines a spotlight on the industry’s hottest models, social celebs and influencers – many of whom are wildly popular on OnlyFans. With a total reach of more than 7 million followers, this exclusive seasonal series is already on track to become one of the biggest influencer-involved NFT drops to date.
And these NFTs won’t be any ordinary NFTs: many of the models plan to include special perks such as Skype dates, personal videos and other intimate add-ons – a big step towards making the NFT experience a more social one, which in turn will help make crypto and NFTs more mainstream.

“Just when you thought the porn industry couldn’t get any freakier, CumRocket is hitting the scene,” says company Founder/CEO Lydia Lane. While the name makes for a good meme, CumRocket is no joke – serious plans are underway for the platform to seduce and dominate the adult industry.

She explains that CumRocket’s goal is to combine – and improve upon – both OpenSea and OnlyFans’ platforms with 100% focus on explicit adult material, and the brand is already well on its way to charting a successful future, as many other NFT sellers have banned certain NSFW content,

“The CumRocket marketplace is the first step to becoming a platform where fans are able to chat, tip and subscribe to their favorite artists,” says Lane. “This will be the ultimate experience for NSFW artists and their audiences, providing a professional and reliable platform for them to make the most of their talents.”

CumRocket is already forging its own unique path as disrupter in the industry by working 100% with cryptocurrency and the brand’s native token, CUMMIES, which erases old problems such as:

  • Lack of Anonymity
  • Payments restrictions
  • Chargebacks
  • Minimums payments.
  • High Fees

“After we announced our launch date, we saw an immediate surge in the price of CUMMIES, which is currently at a 70M market cap and boasts more than 137,000 Holders. This project is well on its way to reaching the top 100 tokens worldwide, as CUMMIES has already reached a 400M market cap in the past without any platform. Based on the current news, we can see a promising future for CumRocket and its token on this new stage.”

With plans to add multiple avenues of income for models, such as live streaming and subscription services, CumRocket aims to compete with OnlyFans and eventually take over the NSFW space (a $100-billion-dollar-and-growing industry).

CumRocket’s a proud female-led company, with a gender-balanced management that happily welcomes everyone (18+) onboard as models. It also helps that the brand has already attracted impressive media attention from the likes of Elon Musk and Bill Maher, to name a few.


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