A Date with a Beautiful Girl from Los Angeles in Virtual Reality?

Straight from sunny California, VR Bangers bring some good news for every horny male looking for some extra-juicy fun – at the same time giving the people from all around the globe a little taste directly from sexy Los Angeles. #RichGirls of Beverly Hills VR porn video is a yet another kinky solo masturbation scene from these premium VR porn movies’ makers, being one of first such productions recorded in 6K ultra high definition and a compliment to everyone who always wanted to visit the LA.

Gianna Dior is a perfect example of these slutty teenage girls that Beverly Hills is famous of, yet thanks to Virtual Reality Bangers, you no longer need to visit the state and put some effort in picking one of such sluts – now all you need to do is to wear your VR headset and she will be waiting for you right in front of your face in the immersive virtual reality! The girl will be enjoying herself with one of these realistic sex dolls, and even though you might not really be there with her, you will feel like you were – and all of this thanks to lifelike 6K UHD and full 3D granted by VR Bangers.

“Have you ever been to Los Angeles? Hm? Oh, and have you tried to pick one of those slutty local girls? Now you can do that – and easier than ever before!” says Alex Nash, the producer of VR Bangers. “Okay, sure. This will still be ‘just’ a VR porn fantasy and not a real-life situation, but come on, this is the second best thing that could happen to you. We know that local girls are famous for always being ready to bang your brains out, but since not everyone can pick up a LA girl with ease, we decided to make a VR porn fantasy with one of them – and Gianna Dior was just a perfect pick, don’t you think?”

This is a solo masturbation scene in virtual reality, so you will not get to actually fuck the girl – even though the VR and with use of your VR headset – but this could still be an awesome experience for you. The girl will be there, playing a sexy teen for the needs of this VR porn fantasy, and since she will be horny (as always) and grounded at the same time, she will have to let the steam off on her favorite sex doll – and now you can watch it all in 6K ultra high definition supported by binaural sound system.

“Gianna liked the doll more than we initially expected, to be honest,” Alex adds. “Even though this is ‘just’ a solo masturbation scene, our girl had a lot of fun, and we believe that each one of our members will too have – these VR porn fantasies are made for our fans, and I really hope that they are gonna like what we have prepared for them today.”

If you are interested in watching this VR porn movie, go over here to find it in 3D 180° or go straight here to visit VR Bangers’ main page to browse for some other VR porn films – now in both 4K and 6K UHD and in full 360° as well!

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