Back from Deployment? Let Angel Wicky Give You a Warm Welcome!

Every year a whole lot of soldiers return from service receiving a warm welcome from their girls, lovers, and wives when they get back home. Although these situations are usually very touching and emotional, they can also be incredibly sexy – because the longing soldiers were unable to have sex with their women on duty and they were only counting down the days until they could get back to the country. One of the premium VR porn movies’ producers, VR Bangers, created a VR porn video about this very theme and released it couple days ago on their website – so now, even if you have never been on duty, you can experience how it feels like to get that “warm welcome” from one of the hottest busty VR porn stars in the entire adult movies business, Angel Wicky.

Back From Deployment is the latest VR porn scene from VR Bangers inside of which, for the needs of this virtual reality porn fantasy, you will become an American soldier coming back from his honorable duty. Your wife inside of this VR porn video – busty Angel Wicky with a pair of one of the biggest tits in the entire porn biz – will greet you with tears in her eyes, and as soon as she will pick up the roses you bought from her on the go, she will invite you over and will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

The girl inside of this VR porn video missed you too and she could not wait for a moment when you will come back home – and not only because she missed her husband’s company, but also since she has been extremely horny all this time and playing with her pussy using a vibrator was barely a substitute of enjoying your huge, hard cock. Having that in mind, the MILF will quickly get on her knees and start touching your big dick to make it ready for her juicy pussy… and this will only be the beginning of your reconciliation after all these years of being apart. Yet to find out what is next, you will have to visit VR Bangers and watch this brand new VR porn scene on your own – and now you will be able to do it in up to 6K ultra high definition quality!

“Lonely wife is a horny wife, and we are going to prove that to our members,” says Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “Back From Deployment is our latest idea dedicated to all our members – both the soldiers who know how does it feel to come back from duty in real life and those who have never been in the army and would like to feel it is thanks to our immersive virtual reality!”

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