Have Some Fun with Two Smoking-hot Ebony Lesbians in VR Bangers’ Harlot’s House!

Have you ever heard about places called Harlot’s Houses? These Victorian’s style old-fashioned brothels were much classier and vintage than whorehouses that we know from modern times – and one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers have just decided that it was about time to appreciate this class and introduce it in their latest virtual reality porn experience. VR Bangers – producers known worldwide for introduction of the “VRB’s Time Travel” that allows you to preserve your sexuality via immersive virtual reality – have just released their latest GG VR porn movie with two beautiful ebony VR porn stars inviting you to the very first virtual reality porn Harlot’s House.

This latest lesbian VR porn movie with Ana Foxxx and Demi Sutra is a high-class type of GG VR porn and inside of it – as soon after you will wear your VR headset – you will be treated with a lot of style and appreciated as the true virtual reality pornconnoisseur. VR Bangers made sure that the sexy ebony girls chosen by them for this VR porn fantasy will give you all the attention they have, and even though this is just a lesbian VR porn scene and the ladies will only play with themselves, you should feel appreciated by the entirety of your being inside of this VR porn experience.

In the “House of Exotics of Mrs. Ana”, Ana Foxxx is going to lead you through a fantasy led by the famous motto of her house, which is “the place created for men looking for something different”. To show you all that and since this is a GG VR porn movie, Mrs. Foxxx will need an equally beautiful partner for the evening – and to appreciate your premium visit and show you that you are an important member of the VR Bangers’ VIP lounge, she will ask a girl no other than Demi Sutra to accompany her.

After the brief introduction and getting to know both of these beautiful ladies, you will be able to sit back in your comfortable chair and enjoy everything that these hot lesbian vixens have to offer – and while watching them playing with each other’s perfect bodies wearing hot lingerie, corsets and, after a short while, nothing but a bare skin for you to see them in their full glory of 6K ultra high definition.

“Even though the original Harlot’s Houses did not have ebony courtesans, somehow we felt like these two chocolate-skinned girls would be perfect for this VR porn fantasy,” says Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “Every fan of VR porn is sure to appreciate the beauty of Ana Foxx and Demi Sutra – especially that we made sure to show both girls from their best possible side in our 3D VR!”

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