Katy Jayne Is a Real Atomic Blonde and She Will Prove You That in Virtual Reality!

We all like these old action movies with spies, special intelligence bureaus and top-secret agents like James Bond – it is actually quite sad that these days the movie makers do not really follow these vintage trends and a good spy movie is a rather rare occurrencelately. Fortunately for us, the idea is still alive and even though it has been a while since you could go for a new Bond movie to the cinema, producers from another sectors of entertainment market still like to use this motive in their content – and yes, it also means some good old spying porn videos.

In this particular case we are talking about a full of action VR porn scene from VR Bangers – one of the top VR porn movies’ makers that introduced the 6K ultra high definition standard as the very first in the business – as inside of their newest virtual reality porn film called the “Atomic Blonde”, they will get you thoroughlyinterrogated by one of the hottest blonde VR porn stars, Katy Jane.

This busty VR porn performer is a real life badass chick who knows how to fight for her rights – and inside of this brand new VR porn video, she will use her charisma from her IRL personalityto get everything she wants from every VR Bangers’ member wearing a pair of VR goggles. Even though the interrogation methods of this amazing lady with enormous tits are rather unconventional, we believe that you are going to be positively surprised after diving inside of this VR porn scene – and especially that it has been produced in full 6K ultra high definition VR and with use of binaural sound, so you can expect it to provide you with the biggest levels of immersion attainable at this very moment.

“You know, getting your ass interrogated does not necessarily have to mean something bad for you,” admits Xander Jones, the Producer of VR Bangers. “We know that losing your freedom over a busty blonde girl could be intimidating, but think about that differently – you are here, wearing your VR headset and watching the situation to develop with no control over anything, yet at the same time knowing that this is just a VR porn scene and it will definitely surprise you with a very ‘happy ending’. What could possibly go wrong?”

Even though Katy is a hardcore chick and she will not let anybody to mess with her, she is most of all known for providing a lot of pleasure to fans of her VR porn scenes, and inside of this video it will be no different. This ride could be a rather harsh one, but strap the belts on your VR visor up tight and wait for it to develop – knowing VR Bangers and their previous VR porn movies, even though it could be a hell of a ride, a very satisfying grande finale will be waiting for you right behind the corner.

If you are ready to stand up to this challenge and watch this blonde VR porn scene, make sure to go straight to this link – or simply visit the VRB’s main page to browse through their other VR porn movies.

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