The Members of the VR Bangers Community Chose Which VR Pornstar Is to Stay Alive!

It has been two weeks from the beginning of the VR Bangers’ 2018 Halloween Event and it was about time to choose which of the girls should survive through this manic horror. With four sexy VR pornstars to pick from, the members of the VRB’s community had a hard nut to crack – but now when the time is over and the Halloween is already here, there is no time for changing their minds and the die is cast. It turns out, though, that the conclusion of this event is yet about to keep on shocking, as the Director’s Cut version of the script has just been released and is full of surprises.

Lauren Philipps, Chloe Cherry, Whitney Wright and Demi Sutra were fighting for the favor of the Virtual Reality Bangers’ members for 14 days, and even though the competition was fierce, Lauren was the one who convinced the horny viewers the most, leaving her colleagues far behind and winning her way for survival. What is more, for all this time the users were also voting on who is the maniac of this story – and according to them, it is “the guy”who is behind all of this… but could it be that they were wrong?

“It is actually quite impressive how many people decided to take part in this latest event of ours,” says Igor Zhivago, the Marketing Director at VRBangers. “Do not get me wrong, we were expecting that our members will get interested in this latest interactive initiative, but in the end their activity exceeded our wildest expectations. Our users have now decided on, according to them, who is the psycho in this scenario and who should stay alive – the only question left is: were they right?”

The Stolen (Director’s Cut) is a conclusion of the entire story, letting all the VR Bangers’ fans to watch the movie from its’ beginning to the end now, hence giving them the answers for all the bothering questions. Even though the members have chosen which one of girls will get to survive, the grande finale of this VR porn film is all about dark surprises and plot twists, and only by viewing it fully, it will be possible to find the truth behind all of this and see if the majority of the viewers were right or not.

“We were prepared for anything that would come from our members, so the final version of the scene is consistent with our users’ decision,” explains Alex Nash, the Producer of VR Bangers. “On the other hand, not everything will be as simple as you may think – there is a huge plot twist waiting in the conclusion of this interactive experience, and we can’t wait to hear the feedback from our fans – it is, as soon as they will be shocked with the Director’s Cut variant that has been released today.”

You can visit the voting website of this entire Halloween Event by going VR Bangers, and to watch the Director’s Cut version of the movie – go over here. Make sure to browse the main page of the producers, too – especially if you are interested in their other VR porn movies in both 4K and 6K UHD.

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