How to Get Your First Million? Well, According to Anya Ivy, You Should…

Who would not like to become a millionaire, right?! These days, the world is all about money, and it is no wonder that most of us would do just anything to have more and more of it – yet even though we all would like to become so rich, if it was that easy to achieve, then everyone would have done that already. They say that the biggest problem is to get your first million and that after that it only becomes easier and easier – and today, VR Bangers – the makers of VR porn scenes known worldwide for introducing 6K ultra high definition to their VR porn experiences as the very first in the adult industry – together with Anya Ivy are trying to answer the question: what do you have to do to get your first million?

According to VR Bangers and this super-hot ebony VR porn star, the easiest way of earning your way to the cash is to get the initial fund from someone for whom this amount of money is only a small piece of his own fortune – and even though finding such a person is a hard thing on its own, it is only getting even more challenging when it comes to convincing the millionaire to share that “small” piece of his money with you. The latest VR porn scene from VR Bangers called The First Million is all about the process of changing the rich guy’s mind – and even though it could be hard for me and you, when you look like Anya Ivy, the entire thing kind of becomes much, much easier…

“Anya Ivy is one of the most beautiful ebony VR porn stars and we simply love to work with her,” says Xander Jones, the Producer of VR Bangers. “She is not only super-sexy but also very intelligent, so she fits perfectly well to some of our most demanding VR porn experiences – and that is why we chose her to star in The First Million VR porn movie, and I believe that she did her job just the way we expected her to. To find out whether I am right or not, you will have to watch this latest VR porn movie on your own – the idea introduced within this VR porn film is rather original, so I am convinced that you are all going to like what we have achieved together with Mrs. Ivy inside of this scene.”

To watch Anya Ivy at work while doing everything she can to earn her first million inside of this VR porn movie, head straight to this latest VR porn experience and view it over here.

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