Mothers Know Best

Europe – Krissy Lynn as a jealous mom is capable of everything to make her step-son happy in the newest VR Bangers’ MILF VR porn fantasy!

Have you ever had an argument with your mother? Yeah, then you probably already know that these are really hard to win, and even though your reasoningcould be completely logical, you still might get overwhelmed by your mother’s influence. In the newest VR Bangers’ VR porn video, you will get to experience one of those awkward conversations, yet since this is a virtual reality porn movie and not a real life situation, the turn of events is most likely going to positively surprise you – after all, VR porn movies are here to serve you well, right?

“Mothers Know Best” is a VR porn replica of a situation in which you are about to introduce your new girlfriend to your (step) mother ofwhose opinion you care a lot. Even though you honestly believe that the girl that you brought in front of your step-mom – played by a beautiful MILF Krissy Lynn within this VR porn fantasy – is an honest and worthwhile pick of yours, your mother-in-law will subjectively disagree with that, as she has her very own opinion on what is the best for her beloved little boy.

“Family affairs is a daily thing in every regular guy’s life, which is one of the reasons why MILF VR porn movies are so popular,” says Alex Nash, one of the VR Bangers’ producers. “Most of us have at least once faced a similar situation, and since here, at VR Bangers, we just love to base on the real life scenarios, we had to make a VR porn fantasy out of it sooner or later. Thanks to great work of Krissy and a lot of the positive attitude brought by her on this scene’s set, ‘enlivening’ of this idea was really straightforward and pleasant to all of us and we are more than happy that it is already live and available to our fans.”

Since the entire idea of this VR porn video is quite surprising and we do not want to spoil the fun to you, we will not further discuss the development of situations inside of this virtual reality porn film. Let’s just say that Krissy believes that “if you want something done right, do it yourself,” which will also concern her relations with VR Bangers’ members wearing their VR headsets – effectively becoming this hot MILF’s step-sons inside of this VR porn fantasy.

“When I pitched this idea to Krissy, I was positively surprised by her reception of this scenario and she seemed to like it as much, as if it could have happened in her real life,” Alex adds. “She was a great pick for this VR porn movie and it was a pleasure to work with her – which is, in my opinion, clearly visible when you look at the atmosphere of this sex scene.”

“Mothers Know Best” VR porn video is available to all VR Bangers’ members from Friday, June 29th and you too can now watch it in 6K UHD and 3D 180°over here.

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