pjur window display attracts attention in Manhattan

Museum of Sex’s window display, which faces New York’s busy 5th Avenue, is designed around the distinctive yellow dot and the cult product pjur ORIGINAL, world-famous silicone-based lubricant by premium manufacturer of intimate products pjur.

“Being able to showcase pjur on 5th Avenue is an exciting opportunity. Not only are we telling the world about the wonderful brand and that they can come to us to purchase pjur, but that lube is an essential to everyone who passes by. I admire the way we are able to address the taboo topic of lubrication with the public and in such a stylish and fun way”, says Kit Richardson, Lead Product, Manager, Museum of Sex.

“Seeing pjur ORIGINAL displayed at the Museum of Sex is another milestone in the history of pjur. The window display gets a lot of attention from by-passers, that stop to have a look”, says\ Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of pjur group.

The pjur window will be on display at the Museum of Sex at 233 5th Ave in New York City throughout May. There will be another themed window from pjur during New York City Pride.

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