Ready for Even More Sexy Stockings? VR Bangers’ Lingerie Fashion Show Continues!

Have you seen the Fully Fashioned VR porn movie from VR Bangers – the one of a kind virtual reality porn experience being an immersive fashion show produced entirely for all the fans of sexy stockings and lingerie? These premium VR porn producers have just released the follow-up for this VR porn show, and even though the girl going through all these new super-hot panties has changed, it is not anything that you should be worried about – quite the contrary, actually.

In the Fully Fashioned Part 2, these premium VR porn producers that introduced 6K ultra high definition standard to their virtual reality adult scenes as the very first in the entire porn industry, invited the super-hot Jillian Janson to keep on the Abby Lee Brazil’s work – and to present an updated collection of VR Bangers’ sexy panties, stockings and hoses to the ever-growing community of their fans.

With yet another girl that you can enjoy and a refreshed set of kinky lingerie, every single lover of such hot clothing will be in heaven after going to VR Bangers’ website – and especially that the new VR porn scene has been produced when having all those fetishists in mind and this VR porn video was literally requested by the VRB’s community and created to meet up its growing expectations and needs.

Are you one of those guys and your dick is getting hard when you notice that the girl is wearing one of those stockings or lace underwear? Most of the guys would agree on that, which could be a reason why such VR porn fantasies are so popular that VR Bangers had to create a sequel for their VR porn movie from few months back – and the producers promise that Jillian is a perfect successor to everything that Abby has managed to achieve and that you will get positively surprised with all that this brunette VR porn star has to offer.

“You probably think that when creating a sequel, we should pick the same girl, but I humbly disagree with that,” says Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “New girl means new experiences and new, fresh, equally beautiful body that you can enjoy – and I promise that Jillian is no worse than Abby in any way, and that she did her job perfectly well, so you will most likely love her performance at least as much as you loved Mrs. Brazil’s. But… you will never know if you will not give it a try, right?”

If the producer of VR Bangers managed to get your attention and you want to watch this VR porn movie as soon as possible in up to 6K ultra high definition 3D VR, you can do that after going over here.

And if you want to get to know the producers a little bit better or you would like to watch another of their VR porn scenes in HD virtual reality, make sure to visit their website over here.

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