Sabrina Deep is the newly appointed brand manager for Blisss

Simultaneously with the start of a colorful and vitamin marketing campaign, Blisss is pleased to announce the hiring of Sabrina Deep as manager and brand ambassador. Blisss aspires to become an innovative offering to content creators, by giving them the tools and the means to redefine adult entertainment through their creativity and peculiar personality. Deep’s official new position comes after a period of collaboration as an external consultant, and it’s only the first step towards those ambitious goals.
“At the start of our Blisss journey it was a priority to secure the services of an influential figure with industry expertise to drive our fresh and exclusive platform; it became very obvious that Sabrina was the one for Blisss,” said the company’s Director Sam Gardner. “Sabrina’s profile and connections within the industry are a perfect fit for us; her passion, drive and commitment are first rate, and we are excited to see how she can continue to drive Blisss onwards and upwards.”
“Blisss is a project entirely tailored around creators by creators which goes beyond the canonical relationship between them and their fans; it’s the first time that a platform introduces the opportunity for creators to interact also with each other and to monetize these relationships,” Deep commented. “Creativity on Blisss does not end with the uploaded content, instead it is also expressed in the graphic customization of one’s profile: you could truly say that Blisss is the first adult arteinment platform in our industry. Furthermore, we have paid great attention to the dynamics of internal promotion, ensuring that all creators, regardless of their following and their fame, have equal opportunities to gain visibility and to promote their content. The team at Blisss immediately embraced with enthusiasm all my suggestions and ideas to create something truly different from today’s standards, and I’m really excited to become an integral part of that same team, and to give my contribution towards the success of such an ambitious project.”
Access to Blisss will be initially available only to selected creators and fans who will have the opportunity to interact with the working group, and to influence the development of the final product according to their needs and expectations. Creators and fans who aspire to get an early invitation may contact Sabrina at or pre-apply at Blisss Company. Blisss is also already present on Twitter @blissscompany where early followers will soon be granted early access to the platform.

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