launched SmuttyMart – An Adult Marketplace

SmuttyFy is an Adult Social Network, completely NSFW, adult content friendly where the industry can find a safe haven to build a steady base of users and followers. Along with the social engagement platform, a marketplace complements the offer making the full circle between the user and the industry.

SmuttyFy launched today SmuttyMart, an Adult Marketplace, full featured, where users can set up “Stores” to list all kinds of products or contents.

“Thanks to the partnership developed with Vendo Services, SmuttyMart provides a steady, safe, adult friendly place for Content Creators, Models, Performers, Producers and so on, to sell and monetize their content. Also, the adult lifestyle entities, apparel and toy brands have, now, an adult friendly environment to promote and divulge their creations reaching out to the end user.” says Smuttyfy CEO Mike Pinto. He continued, “Also, Ambassadors will be rewarded on SmuttyMart as a token of our appreciation for all their enthusiasm and hard work!”.

Join the Ambassador program to enable all features and benefits of SmuttyMart.


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