Successful pre-ICO phase as a foundation for project development

Cybrespace – Eroiy is getting closer to its goal of transforming the adult entertainment market. One day before the completion of the Pre-ICO phase, the NEM-based cryptocurrency was able to collect 10 million US dollars. The financial level is not the only one that is developing rapidly: Numerous company representatives and cooperation partners, including the largest players in the adult sector, supplement the Eroiy network daily. The new acceptance partners are Cherry, Lust24, Mobipier, Cybersocket, CamasutraVR, Newbie Nudes and INET-Cash.

Crypto experts are convinced

Not only the industry-internal feedbacks make the potential recognizable. Independent blockchain platforms that rate cryptocurrency opportunities rank Eroiy as extremely promising. Thus, the well-known site ICO bench rates the ICO profile of Eroiy with 4.4 out of 5 possible points.

Adult market as a perfect starting point

The erotic industry has already helped many innovations to spread and establish. Shortly before the end of the Eroiy Pre-ICO phase, this trend can also be confirmed regarding cryptocurrency. The characteristic features of Blockchain – which also characterize Eroiy – such as increased security for suppliers and customers as well as anonymity combined with the know-how of participating companies increase the chances of success even further. Attractive referral options make the project particularly auspicious for both B2C and B2B models.

Eroiys business plan has already convinced numerous acceptance partners such as Cherry, Lust24, Mobipier, Cybersocket, CamasutraVR, Newbie Nudes, INET-Cash, Agechecked, Amatoric, Fundorado, Mark7Gear, Orgazmik, and 0x7A69.

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About Eroiy

Eroiy is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed specifically as an incognito payment alternative in the adult entertainment industry. The beauty of it is that it allows for anonymous transactions and is independent of the financial middlemen and their associated fees. This revolutionary development promises to be a gamechanger for the approximately USD 100 billion adult entertainment market worldwide.

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