Support Your Troops Together With Alina Lopez and VR Bangers!

Do we have any soldiers or veterans here? One of the premium VR porn movies’ producers, VR Bangers – the company known for introducing their virtual reality porn experiences in full 6K ultra high definition as the very first in the industry – have just recently began a huge VR porn marketing campaign for the entire American army – and today they have released a VR porn movie to bring even more attention to the troubling cause of supporting the troops by the citizens of United States.

Every day we enjoy and actively benefit from the comforts that we have largely thanks to the courage and dedication of our soldiers, but most of us have never done anything to thank them. VR Bangers are aware of how neglected can members of the United States Army be – and especially veterans who have completed their active military service – and that is why the creators decided to take matters into their own hands and, as part of Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day, support the courageous fighters!

The latest VR porn scene with a beautiful teen VR porn star Alina Lopez is one of many things that producers have done for the soldiers over the last couple of days – we were listing all the actions taken by the studio in previous articles, and even though they have offered their VR porn scenes for free to the military members and started donating 10% of everything they make for the veteran-related charity, there is still a lot to be done.

“This brand new VR porn movie in the army style is almost like a cherry on top of our VR porn campaign for the forces,” says Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “Inside of it, you will get to feel like one of our soldiers enjoying some of the VR Bangers’ VR porn experiences – and Alina Lopez will certainly take care of your comfort and make sure that you will not regret joining the army for the needs of this VR porn fantasy. This is the convenience that most of our soldiers will never have and we can’t forget about it. We are here to create some top-quality virtual reality porn and support our troops at the same time – simply because we love what we are doing and this is the right thing to be done!”

After wearing your VR headset, you will get to become and feel like a real soldier in this 6K UHD VR porn experience – the one being visited by his lonely girlfriend who could not stand another minute without the warmth of his arms… and his cock. Alina Lopez, as she will become the girl, will keep your company as soon as you will go over here – and do not forget to visit the special subpage on that was created for the needs of the huge military initiative of the studio!

For everything else related with these premium makers, just head straight to their main page, here.

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