Your TV Isn’t Working Again? Perhaps The Cable Guy From VR Bangers Could Help You…

VR Bangers, the world-famous virtual reality porn movies’ makers – known globally for the introduction of 6K ultra high definition standard to their VR porn scenes as the very first in the adult entertainment – have just announced their latest VR porn video with this beautiful blonde VR porn star, the one that have more than one similarities with the Hollywood’s movie that you might have seen few years ago.

The Cable Guy, which is the name of this latest VR porn video, is not the only resemblance to the aforementioned movie, as the plot inside of this adult scene could be considered somewhat familiar, too – yet with the biggest difference that, as it befits the VR Bangers’ style, the VR porn movie is way more sexy and it contains a whole lot of quality fucking and a beautiful VR adult model of Katie Morgan.

In this VR porn scene, the girl will have her TV broken and will be in urgent need to get it fixed as soon as possible as the season finale of her favorite show is about to get aired in few minutes – yet she was so obsessed with the idea of getting her hardware fixed as soon as possible that she did not even pay attention if she has enough money to cover the services or not.

This way she had to make a tough choice and decide whether she is capable of doing whatever it takes to watch the show eventually – as if she would have refused to pay the cable guy, he would have disconnected her TV from the plug and, in the effect, leave her in the situation worse than the one she was at the very beginning.

No cash, huge urge to watch the show and the fact that we are talking about the VR porn scene; all of that made it all a very simple decision to Katie – now you can watch her being on her knees and sucking the servicemen’s cock to settle the score between them, and she is choking on it in a hurry to get the situation solved before her show will start.

“To me, Katie Morgan looks just like a MILF that I’d really want to be in favor of, and inside of this VR porn scene, you can actually do that…,” says Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “The plot of this VR porn movie is simple and straightforward but it does its job – we believe that our members will actually appreciate that as soon as they will all dive inside of this experience with Katie.”

Since this is an adult movie inside of virtual reality, you can now become the lucky guy and feel that on your very own after wearing your VR headset – as long as you have an active membership on and a pair of such VR goggles available.

This is a yet another VR porn scene in 6K ultra high definition, so producers made sure that the quality is second to none and you will undoubtedly feel like being inside of the situation for real – if you would like to watch this VR porn movie, you can do that after going to this link.

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