VR Bangers newest scene declares DILFY Day

Europe – Beautiful blonde pornstar Zoey Monroe dressed as legendary Marilyn Monroe in the newest VR Bangers’ VR porn fantasy on the Father’s Day occasion!

Being a father is an everyday struggle that mainly consists of responsibilities and a lot of sacrifices, but rarely rewards all thepatience and love. One of the premium virtual reality adult movies makers, VR Bangers, taking to heart everyday work of dads from all around the world, decided to reward them in their own unique way, creating a completely new Father’s Day VR porn fantasy with one of the hottest blonde babes in the entire porn business – incredibly sexy Zoey Monroe.

Within this VR porn video, Zoey, while trying to repay her step-daddy for all his hard work, will blindfold him and leave the room, to a few seconds later return to him with a delicious cake, two glasses of tasty champagne and dressed as one of the most iconic actressesand sex symbols in the history of cinema – Marilyn Monroe.

“When planning to shoot this VR porn video, we were very careful when picking the appropriate actress,” said Alex Nash, the producer of VR Bangers. “Perhaps Zoey is not a descendant of Marilyn, but we still believe that she has what it takes to play her role within this VR porn fantasy.After all, she is a beautiful blonde lady with some incredible talents and skills, and since everything went according to the plan (and even better!) we are really satisfied of the outcome of this production.”

Every member of the VR Bangers’ family will now have an opportunity to experience with his very own eyes and ears everything that the company representative claimed above in the “D.I.L.F.Y Day” VR porn video – recorded in the studio’s brand new 6K ultra high definition standard and full 3D 180 degrees.

“Zoey liked the idea of wearing stockings and pleasing her ‘sugar daddy’ so much, that she put a lot of herself into this production, so in effect the original scenario has been modified several times,allowing us to create something really unique all together,” the producer added. “For example, squirting with champagne and entire anal part was not originally scripted, and they were added last minute – yet this is definitely something good and we are more than happy with the final version of this Father’s Day fantasia.”

Taking into account the words of the producer, we can expect an all-natural scene with some both vaginal and anal penetration, and squirting elements, which is rather rare when it comes to VR porn videos. Since VR Bangers are first to produce their virtual reality porn movies in 6K resolution, “D.I.L.F.Y Day” could indeed be a rather unique attempt of theirsand we can’t wait to finally watch it.

All fathers will have the opportunity to view this brand new Father’s Day VR porn fantasy starting from June 22th here – and if you would like to experience some other 6K VR porn action from VR Bangers, you can always go to their main page over here.

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