Webmaster Central to Demo Improved Platform at EU Trade Shows

WebmasterCentral650TAMPA BAY, Fla. (YNOT Europe Wire) – Tablet and smartphone use is still on the rise, which means “responsive” design is a must for modern internet businesses. Webmaster Central has integrated proven responsive technologies into its leased content services, making it easier than ever for its clients to offer fresh, high-definition videos in a dynamic environment that adapts appropriately to visitors based on their device or platform.

“We’ve invested a lot of resources into making our responsive platform second to none,” said Chief Executive Officer Andy Alvarez. “This is a huge benefit for our clients, and we’re really looking forward to showing off the latest stuff at the big two trade shows in Europe this month.”

Webmaster Central’s sales team will attend the Webmaster Access show in Amsterdam and the European Summit in Budapest. Both events offer a fantastic opportunity for attendees to enjoy live demonstrations of Webmaster Central’s responsive platform.

“Seeing is believing,” Alvarez said. “That’s why we really encourage anyone who buys content to track us down and give us an opportunity to show off the platform. We can save your company a lot of time and a lot of money, and we can increase your conversions while helping you retain members for longer periods. I know that’s a pretty big boast, but it’s one that we can absolutely back up because the Webmaster Central platform is just so much more advanced than anything else on the market today.”

Webmaster Central is nominated for two YNOT Awards: Innovator of the Year and Best Content Provider.

“We’ve worked especially hard to stay on the forefront with both content-delivery technology and content quality, and we’re really pleased that we were nominated for two YNOT Awards this year,” Alvarez said.

Webmaster Central has served content to some of the biggest names in adult entertainment since the 1990s. The company’s leased content services are affordable, combining content that’s proven to convert and retain customers with cutting edge technologies that make running an adult online business simple and painless. Webmaster Central’s content libraries are updated every day so clients can focus on driving traffic and making money.

To arrange for a meeting at the Amsterdam or Budapest shows, email sales@webmastercentral.com.

More information about the company is available on WebmasterCentral.com.


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