New on Xlovecam: The MONTHLY TOP 5 VR contest – Starting August 1, 2023

The platform has launched a new contest: “The MONTHLY TOP 5 VR contest” for models streaming in VR as of August 1, 2023.

“VR streaming on the platform will undoubtedly increase a lot in the coming months and the platform wants to incentivize this activity” said a marketing representative.

The Xlovecam platform is VR ready and users can now connect in 3D. To make the experience on the platform extraordinary, models can also stream in 3D.

It is important to note that “The Monthly TOP 5 VR contest” is strictly for models streaming in VR.

When talking with the representative, they noted that each month the 5 best VR models are awarded with cash prizes as follows:

* First place: €200
* Second place: €100
* Third place: €50
* Fourth place: €25
* Fifth place: €25

The representative said, “the best VR models are those that have accumulated the highest amount of VR bonuses/ actions / virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys on the month.”

The contest will run each month, closing time being 00:00 Central European Time (CET).

Below we have outlined the rules of the contest:

Contest Details & Rules:
* To be able to stream in 3D on the Xlovecam platform, you must use the VR CAM 01 camera, which is the only one compatible for the moment;
* Bonuses and all sales via the Actions Panel -Sex toys, virtual gifs, live actions- are taken into account as long as they are given in the VR environment (users must wear a VR headset).
* Amount of sales from bonuses/ actions/ virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys from different customers carry better value in comparison with same amount from a single member. For example a model having in a month €100 in bonuses/ actions/ virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys from 10 customers will win the contest in front of a model with the same €100 value but from 5 customers;
* If there is equality, the number of bonuses/ actions/ virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys will be taken into account. For example, a model that has earned 100 euros in bonuses/ actions/ virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys with 10 clients and 20 separate bonuses will win over a model that has earned 100 euros with 10 clients and only 15 separate bonuses/ actions/ virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys ;
* In case of equality between 2 or more models the prize will be divided between the models ;
* Any attempt to cheat or fraud will result in temporary or permanent exclusion from the competition.

The winners of the contest will be displayed monthly in the model manager of the Monthly TOP 5 VR contest page. For additional information or questions regarding this contest you may contact model support on

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