2000Charge Sponsors Barcelona YNOT Grand Prix

2000Charge YNOT Grand Prix Barcelona
BARCELONA (YNOT Europe Wire) – 2000Charge is the title sponsor of the Barcelona YNOT Grand Prix scheduled to take place March 1 during The European Summit.

The fun-filled go-karting event is the perfect setting to get to know your clients better, and for everybody to feel the rush of racing on a track. With a field of international drivers, it is guaranteed to produce some exciting racing and lots of memories.

If you are interested in getting behind the wheel and experiencing the thrill for yourself, contact us today at sales@2000Charge.com to reserve your spot on our team.

2000Charge is an alternative payment solutions provider offering a complete set of payment options tailored to local markets around the world. Our staff will be attending The European Summit to network with existing clients and demonstrate our unique services to others who are interested.

For more than a decade, 2000Charge has provided clients with alternative payment solutions that have proven to increase overall sales and revenues while minimizing risk. At the European Summit we will demonstrate why our “One Button” approach has been so successful and why alternative payments make sense.

To arrange a meeting with one of our sales team associates, email us.

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