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PJUR Invites North American Adult Stores And Industry Partners

Staying in touch with industry partners, gathering feedback from the market and (potential) customers has been a vital part of […]

pjur DIGITAL DAYS presents the virtual eroFame booth

The first-ever pjur Digital Days will take place October 14 – 16, 2020. The program offers exciting discussions, new ideas […]

VR Bangers’ Harlot’s House is Back with New Girls and Even More Immersive VR Porn in the Vintage Style!

Harlot’s Houseswere Victorian’s style old-fashioned brothels that were much classier and more vintage than whorehouses that we know from modern […]

Let Cleo Clementine Become Your Super-sexy American Housewife in 3D VR!

Although having a wife seems to be something great for every young boy, every adult (and married) man knows that […]

Join VR Bangers’ Student SEXchange VR Program with Elsa Jean and Jasmine Grey!

Everyone who has ever been in college knows that having sex with a university girl is an experience that is […]

pjur&you – Let’s talk about your relationship with pjur

pjur is launching its unique consumer survey “pjur&you” at the start of March. The survey puts the spotlight firmly on […]

Learn Spanish with Lasirena69 via Immersive Virtual Reality!

How many of you can actually speak Spanish? Even though this language is somewhat close to English and is being […]

Set Off Into the Dangerous Wilderness With Lacy Lennon in Jumanjizz!

Have you ever seen one of those – new or old – Jumanji movies? The original film with Robin Williams […]

Webcam Performers Callum and Cole Launch ‘Donate A Stream’ Campaign for Pineapple Support

Scottish webcam duo Callum and Cole have pledged to donate 100% of the tips received from their first charity stream […]

Be A Bimbo Announces Free Worldwide Shipping for Orders $35+ for All of June

Be A Bimbo is helping international customers get on the Be A Bimbo bandwagon with their amazing selection of Bimbowear […]