Vendo announces its February 16 Merchant Conference

Vendo Services, a global innovator of AI-driven payment processing solutions, today announced its first Merchant Conference of 2023, scheduled for Thursday, February 16.

Delivered every quarter, Vendo Merchant Conferences help online merchants and streaming platform providers optimize their business operations by sharing the latest trends, resources and innovations in payment processing. Conferences feature the industry expertise of both Vendo leaders and guest speakers, while providing an ideal platform for networking. 

The February 16 event will kick off with company updates from Vendo CEO and President, Mitch Platt, and insights from Director of Data Science, Xisca Pericàs on the key takeaways of 2022 and critical trends in 2023. Next, guest speaker and epag Co-Founder Julian Migura will share his frontline knowledge of payment systems in emerging markets and how online merchants can access them.

Founded more than a decade ago, epag facilitates cross-border online payments with a focus on Brazil and Latin America, a landscape that varies dramatically from U.S. and European markets, where consumers can easily make international purchases. 

As Migura explains, “In Latin America, the e-commerce customer base is expected to expand by 20% and generate more than US$160 billion in sales by 2025. But first, vendors need to overcome the hurdles of complex, highly localized payment systems. As an example, Brazil represents the largest market, yet 93.5% of Brazilians use payment options that block them from making international transactions.”

The event will also include updates on Visa and Mastercard, SEPA and PIX from Vendo’s Director of Payments and Risk, Fernando Latorre, and an overview by Pericàs on the business benefits of Vendo’s custom reports. 

Vendo Merchant Conferences have become increasingly popular, according to Platt. “As our clients know, the world of e-commerce and payments is continuously evolving,” he says. “Our Merchant Conferences bring people together and equip them with mission-critical industry knowledge to help them grow their businesses.”


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