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This year, more than ever, we have decided to focus on the themes of our strip shows!We create our own exclusive content in our studios with a dedicated team of stylists, makeup artists and videographers who share the same desire to create videos of exceptional quality and themes relating to the news, release of new games & movies, national events, etc.

Few days ago, we have released an erotic parody of Daenerys from Game of Thrones, for the release of Season 8 of this TV show. Not only it immediately brought hundreds of new users to iStripper but it also allowed us to be featured on many press sites and multiplied our entering affiliates by 3!

In February we had released an amazing show with Vanessa Decker to celebrate the Chinese New Year ; in March, an erotic parody of Alita, for the release of Rodriguez‘s movie. Earlier this year, we have hired a snake trainer for an incredible video shooting with Oxana Chic, which has reached +35 % in sales ! The lovely Kay J has played our Steampunk girl, in twinkle of WestWorld ; But our best seller ever remains Estonika embodying our erotic parody of Harley Quinn…Many other cosplays are already planned including parodies of Overwatch and other famous games, movies characters, as well as asian « kitty » outfits and more!The release of these strip shows are systematically accompanied by all the marketing tools necessary for the success of our affiliates (popping models, banners, splash pages, mailings, etc.) and by a major promotion for our iStripper customers so that our affiliates efforts to update their tools is fully rewarded!

Our efforts to associate some marketing tools to the content we produce on iStripper and the consistency of our communication strengthens iStripper’s position as a major player in adult business.The strength of our particular content is that it is cut-out video and embedded on the desktop. This continue to make iStripper a phenomen with conversion and retention rates well beyond what we are used to in our business.

And we are not done yet. The strip shows we are preparing over the coming months will not just surprise our customers but explode the number of iStripper users and our affiliates’ income.For more info visit : istripper & affiliates.istripper

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